art conservation & museum services


Artco offers the following art conservation services:

  • Conservation Treatments of Paintings
  • Documentation: Condition Reports, Assessments and Surveys
  • Technical Examination, Analysis and Research
  • Insurance Claim handling

Conservation Treatments of Paintings

With extensive experience in the examination and conservation treatment of paintings, the materials constituent of artworks, their deterioration in different climates, and their latest conservation techniques; Artco can provide conservation/restoration services for a wide range of paintings:

  • Paintings with different media: oil, acrylic, gouache, mixed media
  • Paintings on different supports: paintings on canvas, panel, board, metal, modern supports
  • Paintings from different periods: Historic, Modern and Contemporary art
  • Paintings from different schools: European, Australian and Asian art

Respect to the original:

All artifacts, independently of their value and significance, are treated with equal care and respect. Artco places special emphasis on the conservation of original supports and mounting – often removed during conservation treatments – as these can be very useful in aiding later identification and attribution based on materials characterization.

Minimal intervention:

Only treatments that are necessary for the preservation of the artwork are carried out.

Use of reversible and compatible materials:

All conservation materials applied during treatment are chosen to be as compatible as possible with the original materials of the artwork, and can be removed in the future if desired.

Preventive conservation measures:

After treatment, all paintings are re-housed with protective backing boards to prevent future damages.

Full documentation before, during and after treatment:

Before any conservation-restoration work is undertaken, it is necessary to undertake a full documentation of the artwork and its condition. All treatments are fully photographed and documented and a treatment report with images will be provided to the client at the end of the treatment.


Each conservation treatment is individually tailored for each artwork and based on a previous thorough examination and study of not only its constituent materials and condition but also its background and history of use. In the elaboration of the treatment proposal, the future use and desires of the client will always be taken into account.


Documentation: Condition Reports, Assessments and Surveys

Artco can provide detailed condition reports and assessments for individual artifacts as well as condition surveys for entire collections.

Condition assessments and surveys can help to determine:

  • The materials of an artifact and how it was made
  • Identification of previous repairs
  • Current condition and causes of deterioration
  • Conservation needs and different options for treatment
  • How to store, display and transport the object safely
  • Collection maintenance needs
  • Whether an object is safe for loan or transport
  • Condition of incoming loans or new acquisitions, inform insurance claims, auctions, etc.

All condition reports and assessments are accompanied by full photographic documentation and treatment recommendations.

We can also provide preservation advice on how to look after and maintain your collections. For more information refer to preventive conservation services section.


Technical Examination, Analysis and Research

Detailed technical examination of artworks can provide information on the artist’s methods and materials, aiding in attribution and dating of artworks.

Technical examination of individual artworks and collections can also be helpful for assessments of significance, valuations, etc.

Artco provides the following technical analysis and diagnosis services:

  • Material characterization
  • UV examination to identify repairs, overpaints and later additions
  • Microscopic examination and preparation of cross sections

Insurance Claim handling

Common damages to artworks resulting in insurance claims include exposure to water as a result of leaks or floods, fire and smoke damage, soiling, mould growth, damages during transit such as tears and punctures, insect damage, etc.

Artco can provide detail condition assessments and reports for insurance companies and undertake the conservation treatment of any damaged works.