art conservation & museum services


Artco provides a wide range of professional conservation and museum services to both the public and private sectors, including:

  • Conservation treatments for artworks
  • Condition assessments and surveys
  • Preventive conservation
  • Consultancy and collection advice
  • Exhibitions services
  • Heritage Interpretation
  • Training and education

All work carried out by Artco follows internationally recognized standards and professional codes of ethics and conduct for the conservation of cultural material. We use the latest techniques to prolong the life of your artifacts while preserving their original integrity.


Based in Launceston, Artco is the only provider of professional painting conservation services in Tasmania. Whether you need your personal artworks conserved, a storage survey for your museum collection, exhibition mounting & installation, art courier services, or a training workshop, we can meet your needs for small and large conservation and museum projects both locally and internationally.